One of the main problems of the current Digital Libraries (DLs) is the limitation of the informative services offered to the user who aims at discovering the resources of the DL by queries in natural language. Indeed, all DLs provide simple search functionalities that return a ranked list of their resources. No semantic relation among the returned objects is usually reported that could help the user to obtain a more complete knowledge on the subject of the search. The introduction of the Semantic Web, and in particular of the Linked Data, has the potential of improving the search functionalities of DLs. In this context, the long-term aim of our project is to introduce the narratives as new first-class search functionality. As output of a query, the envisaged new search functionality should not only return a list of objects but it should also present one or more narratives, composed of events that are linked to the objects of the existing libraries (e.g. Europeana) and are endowed with a set of semantic relations connecting these events into a meaningful semantic network. As a necessary step towards this direction, we developed an ontology for representing narratives as an extension of CIDOC CRM ontology, along with a tool for building and visualising narratives based on the ontology.


An Ontology for Narratives

We created an ontology for representing narratives, built as an extension of the CIDOC CRM standard ontology.

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The Narrative Building Tool

We developed a semi-automatic tool for building and visualising narratives, based on the ontology.

tof the Dante Alighieri's timeline

Our Narratives

Our ontology and tool were used to create narratives on several topics.